Matt Crossette509-844-8176mattcrossette@hotmail.comI am a proficient online player and avid over the board Utah tournament player living in Springville, UT. I offer face to face over the board lessons for complete beginners to the serious novice player in Utah County. If you're looking to learn how to play or want to improve your game let's talk and get you to the next level
Amin Samani385-235-1518thegreateagle990@gmail.comClasses provided for serious learners only. Without hard work, nothing can be achieved
Mark Abercrombie801-573-9045 rathemon@gmail.comGood chess players don't always make the best chess teachers. I am not the greatest player (rated around 1500 USCF) but I AM a licensed teacher in Utah (which means the state does a background check on me every 5 years). This means that I regularly plan lessons and organize how to present my curriculum in a meaningful, memorable, and fun way. I have planned a curriculum of how chess should be taught which you won't find anywhere else. My lessons are intended for absolute beginners up to players around my own strength.
GM Rashad Babaevrashad.babaev@yahoo.comhttp://rashadbabaev.com/
Stuart Graham801-898-4991 whereisyourmind@aol.comPrivate and group lessons for adults and children. Available in Salt Lake County.
Alex GustafssonInfo on Alex Blog
Steve Hoisington801-399-1999 stevehoisington789@hotmail.comEmail or call for more information.
Brad Knutson(801) 735-6442 BorisSpasstic@gmail.comI love to teach chess! I offer lessons for all ages and skill levels throughout Utah County. I started playing competitively in 2005. I received private instruction from the late GM Igor Ivanov. I placed 1st in the Utah Amateur Championship in 2007 and 2nd in the National Class Championships, Class D in 2007. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions. Thanks!
Mike Kruse St. George Area435-703-8001 dixieredrooks@gmail.comScholastic (and some adult) chess lessons.
* In 1998 Battled Kasparov for 32 moves
* 2011 South Carolina State Champion (Reserve Section)
* 11th place at 2012 National Open (U 1400 section)
* Co-taught with GM Ziatdinov in Phoenix
* Taught thousands of students and dozens of state scholastic champions for 14 years in Georgia, Utah, AZ, South Carolina.
* Trained by National Champion/IM Michael Brooks

This list of instructors is provided as a service to the chess community.   The Utah Chess Association does not recommend any specific instructor and has not done a background check or otherwise confirmed the information about the instructors.