Mark Abercrombie801-573-9045 rathemon@gmail.comGood chess players don't always make the best chess teachers. I am not the greatest player (rated around 1500 USCF) but I AM a licensed teacher in Utah (which means the state does a background check on me every 5 years). This means that I regularly plan lessons and organize how to present my curriculum in a meaningful, memorable, and fun way. I have planned a curriculum of how chess should be taught which you won't find anywhere else. My lessons are intended for absolute beginners up to players around my own strength.
GM Rashad Babaevrashad.babaev@yahoo.comhttp://rashadbabaev.com/
Stuart Graham801-898-4991 whereisyourmind@aol.comPrivate and group lessons for adults and children. Available in Salt Lake County.
Alex GustafssonInfo on Alex Blog
Steve Hoisington801-399-1999 stevehoisington789@hotmail.comEmail or call for more information.
Brad Knutson(801) 735-6442 BorisSpasstic@gmail.comI love to teach chess! I offer lessons for all ages and skill levels throughout Utah County. I started playing competitively in 2005. I received private instruction from the late GM Igor Ivanov. I placed 1st in the Utah Amateur Championship in 2007 and 2nd in the National Class Championships, Class D in 2007. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions. Thanks!
Mike Kruse St. George Area435-703-8001 dixieredrooks@gmail.comScholastic (and some adult) chess lessons.
* In 1998 Battled Kasparov for 32 moves
* 2011 South Carolina State Champion (Reserve Section)
* 11th place at 2012 National Open (U 1400 section)
* Co-taught with GM Ziatdinov in Phoenix
* Taught thousands of students and dozens of state scholastic champions for 14 years in Georgia, Utah, AZ, South Carolina.
* Trained by National Champion/IM Michael Brooks

This list of instructors is provided as a service to the chess community.   The Utah Chess Association does not recommend any specific instructor and has not done a background check or otherwise confirmed the information about the instructors.