Have you ever wanted to help out, run a tournament, serve on the UCA board, or otherwise be more involved with the UCA?

Due to resignations and lack of interest, there are currently 3 openings on the UCA board.

The UCA tries to run one major tournament per month.  We will do so through the summer.   We may or may not be able to continue to do so after that time.   If six people are each willing to run one event per month, then the load is not that heavy.   At present, we have three people responsible for almost all of the events.  We need help.

Volunteers can by and large pick what you want to do and say no to anything you don’t want to do.   Do you like updating content on the website?  How about responding to emails?  Reaching out to local clubs and schools?  Arranging for venues?   Keeping track of the financial records?   Running tournaments (either doing just the computer, just the room itself, or both?)  Creating flyers?   Posting to Facebook?   You tell us what you want to do.   If you are willing to help, please speak to a UCA board member or send an email to utchess@gmail.com.

On a related note, the UCA scholastic committee will be holding elections next month and is looking for volunteers as well.   Please post to the scholastic Facebook page or contact Jamie Olsen-Mills.

Finally, let me personally thank anyone and everyone who has volunteered over the years and for those who continue to do so.


Call for Volunteers