This is being posted as a courtesy to our friends in Idaho:

The Chandra Alexis Chess Club is running USCF and FIDE Invitational
tournaments around the third weekend of each month. We have only four
FIDE-rated players in Idaho year-round and it’s next to impossible to
run a FIDE event.
We would like to borrow a carload or three of your FIDE-rated players to
come up for an event on October 20-21, 2018. We accept any player with
a FIDE-rating starting around 1000. We’d love titled players but are
interested in class-level FIDE players. Our goal is to FIDE-rate a
number of Boise players, which will allow us to run FIDE Open Swiss
events next year with 95% of entry fees returned in prizes.
Please check our website:
You’ll find links for our current and upcoming events through December
2020. I can be reached at this e-mail ( or you can call (208) 375-1211
with any questions.

Now for the fun part—why bother with Idaho? What we offer is the
following: Free entry to all events through December 2018. This can
save a carload of four FIDE players at least $160 in entry fees over a
normal five-round FIDE event. The St. Louis CC advertisement today
shows an $80 per player fee for five rounds. We also guarantee that all
FIDE-rated players will play a minimum of three FIDE-rated games. As
you know, most FIDE events are a lottery when it comes to the number of
FIDE-rateable games each player can get. Lose the first round and you
may never get another FIDE player no matter how much you’ve paid in
entry fees. In many events, there is a floor or minimum rating
requirement to compete in a FIDE section—or as in Victoria, B.C., or the
World Open, you can pay a little extra to play up—and still have the
lottery aspect to deal with.

In addition to the guaranteed minimum number of rated games, we also
guarantee a modest prize fund for a rated FIDE section. Our posted
prizes are USCF $25, $15; FIDE $50, $30, $20 . . . with no entry fee
requirement. Should we have 12 or more out-of-state FIDE players, the
FIDE section prizes will be doubled. Admittedly not a fortune, but add
that to the free entry and it’s a cheap date for a minimum of three
FIDE-rated games. Rating additional Boise players with FIDE will help
us reach our 2019 goal of returning 95% of entry fees, in prizes, to
players. Depending on entries, this can add up quickly to $1,700 or
$3,500+ per monthly event.

Enjoy the website and please send my wife the bill doctor!
George Wesley Lundy III
USCF Senior TD, FIDE National Arbiter

FIDE tournaments in Boise, Idaho – FREE for FIDE rated players