Stan Hunt, whom many of you more mature chess players undoubtedly remember, just passed away at the age of 91 (1925-2017). He was Utah State Champion in 1964, and told Grant Hodson that he managed to go two years at that time without losing a game.  He also played Bobby Fischer to a draw (in a simul), and got his game published in Chess Life and Review. He was fond of the King’s Gambit, but in tournament games he’d switch over to more positional chess and so normally started with 1.d4.  For Black he’d play the French Defense or Queen’s Gambit.

He served in the Army in Europe during WWII, receiving 2 purple hearts. Stan Graduated from USU in mathematics and went right to work teaching Jr High math, which he soon found was a mistake and so quit after a year.  After a short time working for the Post Office he hired on at Hercules as a statistician, and continued analyzing production and testing data until his retirement.

RIP Stan Hunt