Update on Kayden

Kayden is now IM-Elect Kayden Troff after securing his 3rd International Master Norm at LA's Metropolitan International. Kayden spent the week prior to the tournament at the LA Metropolitan International Chess Camp with World Champion Vishwanathan Anand. In this 9-round tournament Kayden played three Grandmasters and four International Masters. He won his game playing black against Grandmaster Mesgen Amanov, and he scored 2.5-1.5 against the International Masters including an exciting win as black against Italian International Master Luca Shytaj (USCF rated 2534) to secure the norm. Kayden earned the sole norm in this field of 56 players. To complete his International Master title, he now must achieve a FIDE rating of 2400. Three International Master norms are considered the harder part of the title requirement because of the difficulty in playing three foreign players, three International Masters, and achieving a FIDE performance rating above 2450 for a 9-round tournament. Kayden will now be pursuing Grandmaster norms. His next tournament will be Susan Polgar's Spice Cup Open in St. Louis Missouri. http://susanpolgar.blogspot.com/2012/09/10000-spice-cup-open-in-st-louis_7.html
Kayden Troff has been selected to be an official judge for the US Chess League's "Game of the Week". At 14 years old, Kayden is easily the youngest of the five judges. The judges include IM John Bartholomew, FM Elliott Liu, IM-elect Victor Shen and Grandmaster Alex Yermolinsky. Check out Kayden's selection and commentary for the first "Game of the Week" winner here: http://uschessleague.com/wp/2012/09/07/gm-vladimir-romanenko-man-wins-week-1-game-of-the-week-2/ .